I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the renovations. We are impressed with … your overall team. (You) dealt easily with any changes/issues we have had and that makes the homeowner enjoy the renovation process and the results. This is O’Neill Development’s 3rd project with us and we highly recommend your firm. Thanks for all of your help in making these renovations excellent.

Wiedemann Architects LLC

Wiedemann Architects has worked with O’Neill Development on numerous projects over the past twenty years, ranging from several new homes to sensitive renovations and seamless additions to historic homes. They consistently bring the highest quality of both project management and quality of craftsmanship to each project. They are known for their timely completion of the work and dedication to service to our clients. Their exceptional superintendents and subcontractors work closely as a team to complete the work on time and on budget. I recommend them highly and without reservation.


I just wanted to thank you and your whole team for everything you’ve done to allow us to live in our amazing house… It’s really been a wonderful blessing for our family and you and your team were a huge part of making it happen. Anyway, I suspect what you guys do is rewarding for many reasons, but I thought it might be nice to hear that among them is that it creates wonderful places for people to raise and be with their families. Thanks again.


We’ve so dearly enjoyed living here over the years, Brendan. Joan just loves this house so much. We have wonderful, happy memories from living here – kids, dogs, friends, family, the stuff that counts.

D. & L. R.

Thank you for all your work on our house!


We still love our house (after 12 yrs) as much as or more than when we moved in. Thanks!


I have worked with O’Neill Development for over twenty years on both new homes and renovations. By every standard – quality of workmanship, timely completion of work, and service after completion – they are at the top of the list. Because of that and because of the quality of of their job superintendents and subcontractors, they have become our go-to partner in all of our high performance and Passive House projects.


Over the past 25 years my firm has worked with O’Neill Development on more than 20 projects ranging from modest renovations to projects of considerable scope, sophistication and complexity. They have brought a dependable team of high quality craftspeople and subcontractors to each of our projects. They stand behind their work and have been fair and accommodating in their dealings with our clients. I look forward to working with them in the years ahead.


I have worked with O’Neill Development for over twenty years. They have consistently proven their commitment to providing the highest quality product time after time. To me, O’Neill represents the very best that our industry has to offer.


The O’Neills are not just builders, they are artists and it shows on every one of their jobs. The architecture is carefully chosen and they have a team of old school, carpenters, project managers, and other technicians that run things the way a job should be run, ie confidently, competently, and thoroughly. Brendan brings his artistic eye to each plan and “boring” has no place in the finished product. We have been doing independent quality control services for O’Neill for about 10 years or more. We look at every component including HVAC, Electric, plumbing, structure, exterior finishes, and final finishes If there is one distinguishing characteristic of their work it is that we find the latest technical innovations combined with the best of the old construction techniques, that is a rare combination these days.