“Whole House” Remodeling Completion

Photo: Right Corner.

Photo: Completed exterior.

We are pleased to announce the completion of the “whole house” remodel that we began last year in the Palisades area of Northwest Washington DC. This has been a successful collaboration of our team, including architect, owner, our preconstruction, construction and project managers, our carpenters, subs and vendors. As you can see from our “before” and “after” photos below, this was a challenging job that involved removing the back half and one corner of an older existing masonry house and seamlessly extending and modernizing the home entirely under the careful direction of the architect and our site managers. O’Neill Development has done numerous complex remodeling jobs; as well as large and small new construction projects over our 40 year history. The Owners and Architect have expressed their complete satisfaction with our careful and efficient stewardship in bringing this project to completion, from pre-construction planning to move-in.

Photo: Ground floor construction. 

Photo: Completed exterior. 


O’Neill Development’s Passive House/Zero Energy Initiative Completion

O’Neill Development, along with architect David Peabody, have continued our commitment to “sustainable green” building with the completion of the first “modular” passive house in the Metro area and construction of a “net zero” house in Northern Virginia. These after successfully completing passive homes in Bethesda and Rockville, MD. The modular passive house was built under an “affordable house” program for the Housing Initiative Partnership” in Prince Georges County. The Net Zero home is being constructed in Northern Virginia. Photographs illustrate the modular house setting and the Net Zero contemporary style.

Pictures show our modular passive setting and completed house for Housing Initiative Partnership.

Photo: Foundation 

Photo: Transferring the modular unit 

Photo: lowering the unit 

Photo: Modular Unit in place 

Photo: The Completed Home 

Photo: Interior view Photo: Interior view from above

Photo: Passive House Completed.